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Music Monday: I'm Wishing/One Song (Snow White)

October 16th is remembered as the start date of the Disney Company. in 1923, it was formally known as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studios and would soon change to the Walt Disney Studio. It would not be until 1937 that the Studio would release its first full length feature animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Snow White).

One of the songs from Snow White is "I'm Wishing." Written by Larry Morey (lyrics) and Frank Churchill (music), it is the song that Snow White sings while she is at the wishing well. Even though it is one of the first songs you hear, according to the definitive Snow White book, The Fairest One of All, this particular song was actually one of the last to be written. The music was also tailored to the vocal strength of Adriana Caselotti, who provided the voice of Snow White.

As Snow White sings her song, it echos in the wishing well. The Prince, who just happens to be riding through the forest, hears Snow White singing. As she finishes the song, The Prince, joins Snow White as he answers her wish. A bit frightened, Snow White runs from The Prince. He doesn't give up and he begins to sing "One Song."

These two songs help to introduce the characters of Snow White and The Prince to each other. It's the beginning of their courtship. Trivia: "One Song" is the only song that is sung solo by a Disney prince. 

If you visit Snow White's Grotto at Disneyland, you can hear "I'm Wishing" playing in the background. According to this Disney Parks Blog post, Adriana Castelotti re-recorded her song for the 1983 New Fantasyland opening.  

Happy Music Monday!