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Friday Find: Mary Poppins Practically Perfect Tea Menu

My oldest has a birthday coming up so I was looking back at some of the fun birthday things that we have done in the past. I came upon these scrapbook pages that captured her 4th birthday celebration. Back in 2000, there was a Mary Poppins Tea offered at the Paradise Pier Hotel. My daughter had been "Jolly Holiday Mary" for Halloween just a few weeks before so we decided that the Mary Poppins Tea would be a fun place to wear her costume again as well as have a very fun birthday celebration.

Remember that this is back in November 2000 when digital cameras and smart phones weren't around to capture moments and food. These are some photos of my scrapbook pages so you can see what this tea offering was like.

 Can you see some Mickey designs on the plate of scones?

Can you see some Mickey designs on the plate of scones?

I remember that it was in a small setting so it was cozy. There were a variety of areas that were set-up for the groups/people attending. We had an area where there was a couch and some armchairs with a coffee table set up with lovely teacups. 

 Scrapbook page filled with tea party memories.

Scrapbook page filled with tea party memories.

Mary would come out to sing some songs. She visited all the tables. I remember that one of the funniest things was when Mary came to visit with us, she put sugar cubes in all of our tea. My daughter and her friend decided that they should follow and also put sugar cubes in our tea. They didn't stop at one extra sugar cube...we had very sweet tea that day.

Time goes by so fast! My sweet daughter still loves tea parties and all that is involved in the ritual. I guess the Mary Poppins Tea made an impression on her. The tea offering was discontinued due to some legal issues. Remember that Mary Poppins was created by P.L. Travers, not Disney. There is currently an afternoon tea offering at the Disneyland Hotel. But how could beat a tea party with Mary Poppins?

Happy Friday!