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Music Monday: Dig a Little Deeper (The Princess & the Frog)

My daughter and I watched the The Princess and the Frog  over the weekend. It's her favorite Disney movie for many reasons and one of them being its music. Academy award winner, Randy Newman, composed the songs and score for the movie. The only exception is an additional song, "Never Knew I Needed," at the end of the movie that was written and performed by Ne-Yo. 

One of the songs that my daughter and I really love is "Dig a Little Deeper." It takes place in the middle of the movie when lead character, Tiana, meets Mama Odie, the "Voodoo Queen of the Bayou". Tiana is seeking Mama Odie's advice and of course the answer comes out through this wonderful and high-energy musical number.

Mama Odie is voiced by actress Jenifer Lewis. Lewis is currently on the popular show, Black-ish (Ruby Johnson). The Pinnacle Gospel Choir is also featured in this musical number. The song is fun and the lyrics are simple yet can provide much encouragement under pressing situations. 

Don't matter what you look like
Don't matter what you wear
How many rings you got on your finger
We don't care, no, we don't care...
...If they all knew what they wanted
What they wanted, need to do
I told 'em what they needed
Just like I be telling you


 Image from Oh My Disney

Image from Oh My Disney

Happy Music Monday!