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Disneyland explored.

Music Monday: "Steamboat Bill" from Steamboat Willie

Today marks Walt Disney's birth date (Dec 5, 1901). I thought it would be fun to look at the music from Steamboat Willie (1928), which introduces the world to Mickey Mouse and was also the first Disney film to have synchronized sound. In the cartoon, we hear Mickey Mouse whistling a tune and it is called "Steamboat Bill." Written by Ben Shields (lyrics) and the Leighton Bros (music), it was a song popularized before the Steamboat Willie cartoon came out. There are words to the song and it was made popular by singer, Arthur Collins

I think most of us are familiar with the iconic scene where "Steamboat Mickey" is at the helm of his steamship whistling this tune. I think one of the most underrated attractions at Disneyland is the Main Street Cinema on Main Street USA. You can go inside and watch Steamboat Willie and other cartoons that launched Mickey's career and the Walt Disney Studios.

It is fun to think of how these early Disney cartoons were considered a "game changer" in the late 1920s. Thank goodness for MIckey Mouse's success. Did you know that Walt Disney was the Mickey Mouse until 1947? 

Happy Music Monday!

Happy Birthday, Walt!