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Friday Find: Walt Disney Company Christmas Cards (1990s)

This week, D23 posted some really great holiday cards from their archives. According to THIS POST, the Walt Disney Studio started sending Christmas cards to all their employees beginning in the early 1930s.

I was a Disneyland Cast Member from 1989 - 2001. I found several Christmas cards that were sent to me from the Walt Disney Company from the early 1990s. This first card that I am sharing I am going to guess might have been 1991. That was when the Team Disney Building (Burbank, Ca) was completed and the Disney corporate team moved in. 

 Front of card. c. 1991

Front of card. c. 1991

 Inside of card.

Inside of card.

They used to also include 2 free tickets in each card. I am also going to assume that the number of tickets you received may have been based on you dependent listing. I was a college student so it was just me. I always received 2 tickets. 

This particular complimentary pass had the following artwork on them so I saved this one. If you used them, they would either take them at the gate, stamp them or rip them for validation purposes. There were expiration dates on them so this one is no longer acceptable. Like I said, I really liked the artwork on this one.

These next two cards are full of character. Not sure what the dates were on these but they had to be before 1994. It has Frank Wells (Walt Disney Company CFO) on the card and he passed away in April 1994.

This next card features Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. It must have been the year when Disney Afternoon was popular.

I am sure that I saved my other ones but not sure where they are. The annual Walt Disney Company Christmas card was always fun to get in the mail.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas weekend!