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Music Monday: Bella Notte (Lady & the Tramp)

Hope you all had a fun Valentine's filled with sweet things and lovely people. One of the most iconic scenes associated with both classic Disney films and LOVE is this one:

 (c) Disney

(c) Disney

This image is from the 15th film from Walt Disney Animated Series, Lady and the Tramp (1955). The romantic scene is associated with the song "Bella Notte." It is Italian for "beautiful night." Written by Peggy Lee and Sonny Burke, the song is sung by the character of "TONY" in the movie. As Tony (played by George Givot) serenades the couple while they are sharing a plate of spaghetti, Tramp and Lady end up with the sweet moment captured in the image above.  

While the song is know as an Italian love song, it has also been associated as a Christmas song, especially in Europe, because the movie takes place on Christmas Eve. "Belle Notte" is listed as one of Julie Andrew's favorite Disney songs on THIS album. At Walt Disney World, there is a place called Tony's Town Square Restaurant, where you can enjoy Italian food and make your own romantic moments. 

"Belle Notte" remains as one of the classic love songs. 

Happy Music Monday!