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Music Monday: Live the Magic (Disneyland Forever)

Did you get a chance to watch The Wonderful World of Disney - Disneyland 60 special on TV the other night? It was coverage about Walt Disney's dream of Disneyland and everything that has happened to his Park and beyond. The big emphasis was about the year and half long event to celebrate Disneyland's 60th birthday. 

One of my favorite things about the Disneyland 60th Celebration is the fireworks show. Named "Disneyland Forever," this fireworks show debuted last May. Although there are a lot of classic Disney music woven throughout the nighttime spectacular (Lion King, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins), there is a theme song that you hear throughout the show. 

 image by Disney

image by Disney

According to the official "Disneyland Forever" Fireworks Fun Facts sheet:

"The show’s anthem, “Live The Magic,” was created by composers Adam Watts and Andy Dodd. Their collaborative credits include work on Disney’s smash “High School Musical,” along with songs for other top artists. The exquisite score was recorded by an orchestra in London, England, at Abbey Road Studios."

 "Live the Magic" is a lively and fun song that can stay in your head. As mentioned, this fireworks show was created for the Disneyland 60th Celebration and has been running since last May. After almost a year, there is still no release of an official album for any of the new music or Disneyland 60th Celebration. With technology and dedicated Disneyland fans, you can find all kinds of recordings of this song on the internet. 

Here is a full fireworks show that was filmed and shared by Inside the Magic.

There is a ballad version of "Live the Magic" that plays after the fireworks. This slow version allows you to really concentrate on the words and celebrate 60 years of Disneyland magic. It is a music-only video shared by Discovery Arcade Music. 


Happy Music Monday,

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