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My Tour of Walt Disney's Office Suite Part 2 (Working Office)


Welcome to Part 2 of My Tour of Walt Disney's Office Suite.

This post highlights what I was able to see in Walt's Informal Office. This space is considered more of Walt's working office where he would meet with his Imagineers to discuss things in production. The furniture including the drapes are all original.

In the photo above you can see Walt's Irving G. Thalberg Award that he received in 1941. Next to the award is a tiny deer that you might mistake as Bambi. The Disney Archivist giving our tour mentioned that the deer was carved by Walt Disney himself.

You can see this space was more informal with the work table to hold several people. It was designed this height so that plans could be rolled out on top of the table and people could easily carry on a discussion.

All the furniture, papers, and knick knacks are original items. 

One of the most interesting things is the hidden kitchenette that was part of the informal office. The wood panel would slide open to reveal a very modern kitchen of that time period. It was usually stocked with favorite items like Walt's favorite cans of chili.

I did ask about the cans that were in the cupboards as shown in the photo. They are not the original. The Disney Archives went through the effort of the reproduce items that would have been on the shelf during Walt's time. The labels were are also reproduced to be accurate for the time period.

One of the interesting items in this informal office is this map of Disneyland. The small red plaques meant projects that were completed and the yellow ones highlighted of things to come to Disneyland.

This yellow note was interesting as it pointed to 1001 Future Ghosts of the Haunted Mansion. When the Haunted Mansion opened in 1969, all Disneyland press materials spoke of 999 Happy Haunts that resided in the mansion.

One last interesting item in Walt's informal office was this photo of actor Ed Wynn. According to the placard by the photo, not only was he a good friend but sort of a good luck charm for Walt.

We spent maybe a 30 minutes touring the suite. It was really exciting to be in the actual place where Walt Disney worked and created Disney magic. I wanted to try to take everything  in but I was also feeling a little overwhelmed at the history and significance of Walt's office suite. As we left through this hallway, I was trying to look at all the different photos of Walt. We were a little rushed at this point so I didn't have time to look at each framed photo but I could tell that they were various photos of Walt in a working environment.

D23 did a great job to resorting Walt Disney's Office Suite known as "3H". They do hope to offer more tours but it is a premium opportunity. Even just to walk onto the Walt Disney Studio lot was great.

If you missed Part 1  of My Tour of Walt Disney's Office Suite (Formal Office), you can go back HERE to catch up. There is one more post for this series that I am working on. There was one more area located in the location that was part of the suite. I've also have some closing notes about my tour.

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