Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

It's about the details: Sherman Brothers Main Street Windows

When you walk down Main Street USA, most people are unaware that the names on the many of windows are of those that have contributed significantly to not just Disneyland but to the Walt Disney Company. The placement and fictional business associated with these famous Disney people are clever and purposeful. 

The window dedicated to Disney Legends Richard Sherman and Robert Sherman is located just outside the 20th Century Music Company

To the right of this store is a little porch with a door that reads "Two Brothers Tunemakers." The placement of this particular door with these specific individuals totally fits in the theme of this location. If you didn't know it, you would think that it was just clever names made up in true Disney Imagineering fashion. The fact that the names on the door is about two actual people who wrote the soundtrack of Disneyland (and Disney movies) is that attention to detail that Disney is known for.

My favorite part of the window is the sheet music that sits on top of the piano. It's one of those songs that Richard Sherman has known to have said "you'll either like it or hate it."

I happen to like "it's a small world" so I am cool with it. Save that for trivia and see if your Disney friends knows that the sheet music is on the piano depicted on the Sherman Brothers Main Street Window. 

Wishing you some pixie magic today!