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DIY Disney Gift: Peter Pan Dry Ease Board

Gift giving is fun, especially if it for someone who is a Disney fan.

In the world of "all things Disney" there are lots of choices. My Disney friends all collect different things and like specific Disney-related items. So last week, one of my friends had a birthday to celebrate. This specific Disney friend loves all things Peter Pan. She already has a collection of Peter Pan things but she doesn't need all things Peter Pan. 

So I came upon this piece of stationery on eBay. If you do a search for "Disney letterhead" or "disney stationery" on eBay, you can see all kinds of offerings. Remember before email and marketing campaigns lots of companies had special stationary to correspond with the others and their fan community. "Walt Disney Productions" was changed to "Walt Disney Company" in the 1980s so I also knew that this piece of paper was cool.

I didn't know how I was going to gift this special piece of paper until the day before her birthday. I was looking for some picture frames for some of my photos when the idea came to me. Picture frames have glass and you can clean paints and markings off of glass. So I went and found a nice frame for the letterhead.

After cleaning the frame, I inserted the Peter Pan stationary. I also bought some fun dry-ease markers. This pack had built in erasers on it so that was a bonus. You can use these markers on glass and erase it. It was a fun way to display and enjoy the collectible piece of paper.

I wrote a little message on my DIY dry ease Peter Pan board so that my friend can figure out what it is. Now my Disney friend can enjoy her special Peter Pan letterhead without actually writing on it.

Half the fun of gift giving is searching for something special for that someone who has a specific interest. Seeing them enjoy it makes the hunt worth it. Finding a special Disney gift for a Disney fan doesn't have to be expensive. You just need some "faith, trust and pixie dust."