Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

Scenes from a Disneyland Park - June 10, 2016

Just sharing some photos from my visit to Disneyland Park this past Friday.It had been cloudy and cool most of the day, June Gloom has been persistent lately. The sun finally came out about 1pm. I went to Disney California Adventure a little after 7pm.

I wanted to get some photos from Paradise Pier but the blue skies and clouds above the Carthay Circle Restaurant was a pretty site. 

I headed over to Disneyland and decided to climb Tarzan's Treehouse and see what the view was like. The sun was going down pretty fast but I was able to get some of these fun photos. I only had my iPhone 6 to take these photos of the colorful sky. 

Watching the sky change and seeing all the colors as evening falls on Disneyland always makes for a fun Friday evening.

Wishing you pixie dust today!