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Music Monday: Big Blue World (Finding Nemo, the Musical)

Did you know that there is a musical production based on Pixar's, Finding Nemo? It's about a 35 minute show that is can be seen at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The stage production has everything you could want in a Disney produced show that includes a talented cast of performers, creative costumes, innovative sets and music.

 Finding Nemo, The Musical (Animal Kingdom)

Finding Nemo, The Musical (Animal Kingdom)

In 2006, Disney reached out to the writing team of Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Today this duo is known for their award winning songs for the Disney movie, Frozen. The Lopez' wrote original music and lyrics for Finding Nemo, The Musical. They were inspired by some of the lines from the movie. One of the songs that I love is Big Blue World. It is sung by Nemo and Marlin at the beginning of the show. The song has a pretty melody and captures Nemo's curiosity of what the ocean world could offer.  

Can you believe there are so many things?
In the big blue world
I'm gonna go explore
In the big blue world
That I've never seen before
So many creatures
Swimming 'round the sea
In the big blue world
And all of them are waiting for me!

There is a soundtrack available for this exclusive Disney Parks show on both Amazon and iTunes. You can also download the single. There are many YouTube videos of just this song being performed that people have shared. 

If you ever get a chance to to to Disney's Animal Kingdom, put this show on your list. Plus, the large theater is a great way to get out of the heat. It is time well spent listening to original Disney music set to a fabulous Disney production. 

Happy Music Monday!