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Friday Find: Aladdin's Oasis Grand Opening (Dinner Show) 1993

I was going through some of my Disneyland mementos and came across this ribbon. As a Cast Member, we would adhere this to our name tag.

It happens to be 23 years today that Disney's Aladdin's Oasis opened. It took over the location that used to house the Tahitian Terrace. It originally opened as a meal + show that was offered for lunch or dinner. 

I found this other card in my Disneyland memento box to help me remember what this short-lived offering was about. This card was given to Cast Members so you could have some quick facts and figures to share with Guests who had questions. It was just good to carry with you and is a fun souvenir. It opened up to reveal lots of information by land that included highlights about the attractions, shops and restaurants.

 front of card

front of card

In the photo below, you can see how Aladdin's Oasis is described as a "new dining and entertainment experience." Aladdin came out in 1992, so this location was a way to keep up with the movie's popularity.

I couldn't find my photos from my dining experience but here is dining card reservation.

I can't remember too much about the show itself but I did find this old post from the LA Times that had a good synopsis and review. I do remember that there were "magic lamps" at each table. Towards the end of the show, the lamp would spew out magic smoke and dessert would arrive...of course as your own mini magic lamp that was pure chocolate. 

Here is the back of the reservations card. Always fun to see how much things cost 20 plus years ago. Roughly around $25.00 per adult for a dinner show at Disneyland was still a treat for my fiancee and I in 1993.

Today, the location is still known as Aladdin's Oasis but now it offers dining packages for the Paint the Night Parade or Fantasmic! (when it returns). If the location itself could come up with its history to tell. That would be worth watching. 

Happy Friday!