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Music Monday: Cruella de Ville

It's a classic Disney song about one of the most memorable Disney Villains 'Cruella de Ville' was written by Mel Leven for the 1961 animated movie, 101 Dalmatians. Other than The Big Bad Wolf, there aren't many villains who have a song written about them. 

 Image from Disney Style

Image from Disney Style

In the movie, the main character, Roger, is a struggling composer who is stuck with a melody of a song. Anita, Roger's wife, is a friend of Cruella's. When Cruella visits Anita, Roger becomes inspired by her flamboyant personality to complete his song. 

My favorite lyrics of the song are as follows. It is such a vivid description of the "she-devil" that is Cruella. 

The vampire bat, this inhuman beast

she ought to be locked up and never released.

The world was a wholesome place until

Cruella, Cruella de Ville. 

One interesting piece of trivia I read about this song was that Bill Lee was the singing voice for Roger. Lee would go on to be the singing voice for Christopher Plummer in The Sound of Music. Plummer would eventually provide the voice of the villain character, Charles Muntz, in the Disney Pixar movie, Up. I love all kinds of interesting Disney connections that come full circle. 

Happy Music Monday!