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Disneyland explored.

Friday Find: "Disney Dream Room" at Chapman University

About a month ago, I was at Chapman University and found my way to the Leatherby Libraries. Thanks to Disney Periscope who let me know about it and how to find it.

I made my way to the the upper floor to discover the Jack and Belle Lindquist Dream Room. Some now refer to this location as the "Disney Dream Room". It features some of the personal collection of Disney Legend Jack Lindquist.

Lindquist is best known as being the first "President of Disneyland" and also the marketing genius behind the creation of Disney Dollars.  He is one of the first Cast Members who hired into Disneyland in 1955. After his retirement in 1993, he became an active trustee member at Chapman University. In 2013, he donated some of his special Disneyland mementos to the university. This past March, this Dream Room area was made available to the public. 

Here are my photos of the large cases filled with some of Lindquist's personal items he was given during his long Disneyland career.

I think my personal favorite item that I got a kick of was the actual handle that was part of Disneyland's 35th Anniversary Dream Machine that was located in The Hub. I worked at Disneyland during that time so I remember this particular anniversary well and the excitement of the Dream Machine. 

The Leatherby Library is open to the public. Chapman University is not far from Disneyland and is easy to find. It is close to Old Town Orange which is also fun to visit for all the good eats and interesting small stores.

If you want to learn more about Jack Lindquist, check out my friend's podcast over at on Disney Avenue. It's always interesting to hear Disneyland stories from the original source. 

Happy Friday!