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Music Monday: It's Not Easy (Pete's Dragon)

The newest Disney Live-Action film coming soon is Pete's Dragon. I had to tell me kids a little about the original movie release from 1977 with Helen Reddy who sang the songs from Pete's Dragon like Candle on the Water and It's Not Easy

Written by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn, It's Not Easy, is a sweet song sung by the characters of Nora and Pete. Nora wants to know about the dragon and Pete tries to tell her. Nora does not try to chide Pete about his imaginary friend, but comforts him about having someone you care for so you can get through life adventures. 

Real or not, you need to know that you have a friend to get you through some life moments that are not always easy.

'Cause it's not easy, to find someone who cares, it's not easy, to find magic in pairs, I'm glad I found him, I won't let him get away....

...It's not easy to share somebody's dream. It gets easy when you work as a team, you've got to tend it, fan it, that's what I plan to do...

Happy Music Monday!