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Disneyland explored.

Music Monday: Disney Music Emporium

My youngest got into vinyl records a couple years ago. She loves the "warm sound" that you only get from this medium. The other fun element of vinyl is the packaging, liner notes, and art that might be included in the purchase. It is a premium but it can be a fun adventure. 

If you are looking for Disney music in vinyl form or even just some Disney music collections, visit Disney Music Emporium. You can get a glance of all official Disney music that is available and what is coming out. (Note that Disney Parks music is not available on the site). You can purchase directly from the site or at least use it a resource. Collectible CDs, vinyl, Marvel and even Star Wars music is available for purchase. 

Bookmark the site. The holidays are coming soon and there are lots of fun gift ideas for your favorite Disney music fan. 

Happy Music Monday!