Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

Dear Disneyland, Thanks for a great party!

Disneyland 60th - The party's over....almost!

The final days of the Disneyland Diamond Celebration are here. This is the last weekend to experience the decor, entertainment and special food offerings. The celebration started late May 2015 and Disneyland has been a great party host. Here are some of my favorite things during Disneyland's 60th birthday celebration.

1. Diamond Celebration Decor

Sleeping Beauty Castle got the royal treatment was all decked including some sparkly jewels and even was outfitted with a special 60th medallion. Main Street USA was dressed up with blue and white bunting. The stores and restaurants also received some special Diamond Celebration adornments. 

There was also Disneyland Diamond decor outside of Disneyland Park that included the ticket booths, the Disneyland Hotel and also inside Disney California Adventure.

2. Disneyland Characters in Diamond Celebration Couture

It's been fun to enter Disneyland and see Mickey and Friends in dressed in their party outfits. Of course my favorite is Daisy Duck. I think the Disneyland characters have enjoyed getting all dressed up and meeting their Guests. Don't ever be shy to interact with the characters. They love being complimented on their fun outfits, film roles, and personalities.  

3. Diamond Celebration Evening Entertainment

Disneyland really went all out for their Diamond Celebration night time offering.


Disneyland Forever celebrates the story of Disneyland with projections of favorite Disney movies through song and fireworks. This show was able to view either on Main Street USA, in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle or in front of "it's a small world." The fun projections, especially on Main Street USA, really immersed you in the show. The new fireworks music choreographed to the fireworks is always Disney signature awesome! 

 image from Disney Parks Blog

image from Disney Parks Blog

Check out this high quality video from Inside the Magic. You can get a good feel of what it is like to watch this particular fireworks show from Main Street USA and also get a glimpse of the castle view. 


I have to admit that Paint the Night is now my favorite Disneyland parade. The music is so fun, the performers are amazing, the floats are technologically cool, and there is parade segment for every kind of Disney fan. The Disneyland Entertainment team really outdid themselves with Paint the Night

Again, check out this video from Inside the Magic. It is 15 minutes of so much Disneyland night fun. My family and I have watched this parade many times and in different locations. It's always a good time. Interacting with the Paint the Night performers is probably one of the highlights for this parade. 


It was fun to see some Diamond Celebration offerings extended to Disney California Adventure. The official title of this night time show offering is "World of Color - Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney."  What I loved about this particular show is that it really tells the story of Walt Disney through the success of his movies, building Disneyland, and his legacy through the films of the Disney Company today. If you are a big Walt Disney fan or love vintage Disneyland, you would love this version of World of Color. Just like a film that has credits, you can hear a rendition of two songs, "Forever Young" and "Disneyland" that play to close the show. If you leave immediately after the show, you would miss these two additional songs.

4. Diamond Celebration Merchandise

Who doesn't love some exclusive and dated Disneyland stuff. The Disney Parks merchandise team really outdid themselves with such a vast offering. There was something for everyone with any kind of budget. My favorite was the 60th Mickey Mouse silver ears and a couple ornaments so I can remember the celebration. 

5. Disneyland's 60th Birthday Celebration - July 17, 2015

One of my favorite Diamond Celebration memories was visiting Disneyland on it's actual 60th birthday last year with my girlfriends. We got dressed up in our best 1955-ish outfits and spent the day at The Happiest Place on Earth. You can read about our special day and see photos in my previous post HERE

So, the party is really coming to an end. A fun time was had by all and I've experienced many memorable Diamond Celebration with my family and friends. I am looking forward to new Disneyland adventures that are on the horizon. We always enjoy all the seasonal offerings like the new Halloween parade exclusive to Mickey's Halloween Party. It will be nice to see all the Disneyland Christmas decor and fireworks show back this year.  My family is very excited about the Star Wars themed land and Guardians of the Galaxy taking over Tower of Terror.

Like Walt said: "Disneyland will never be completed" and that is probably one of the things that makes visiting Disneyland a special adventure no matter how many times I have gone. I love Disneyland for the nostalgia and the familiarity but also for the constant changes in attractions and entertainment.

Disneyland, thanks for the grand party. I had a fabulous time!