Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

Friday Find: Disney Magic Holiday (Cmas Lights at Lowe's)

The other day, Disney Fashionista (they are a great source for all things Disney products) posted information about some new Disney Christmas lights. I knew immediately that I needed some of them...okay most of them.

The DISNEY MAGIC HOLIDAY Christmas light collection is only available at Lowe's. It was really hard to decide which ones to get. I started to view what was available online and the ordered them for pick-up. I figured that this was the best way to make sure I got them. I figured that if I didn't like them, then I could return them. Here are the ones I decided on.

I shot a very quick video and posted HERE is you want to see the Mickey Mouse head projection light and also the firework projection light (below). 

 Front of box - Projection light

Front of box - Projection light

This firework projection light is kind of fun. I figured that I can use for parties or just when I feel like I need some Disney magic. You can adjust the projection size/image with distance. So, depending on how large or small you want the projections, you move it far or closer to wherever you want to project the image. There is also a fireworks sound with the firework projection machine. You can control the volume or simply turn in all the way down.

 Back of Box - Projection Light

Back of Box - Projection Light

This Mickey Mouse Christmas pole is next on my list. I LOVE Christmas! I was married a week before Christmas. I am one of those people who love Christmas in July and happily starts holiday shopping. So when I saw these new Disney Christmas lights, it was an easy decisions. 

The Disney Magic Holiday is only available at Lowe's. These will go fast. If you are thinking about them, run to your nearest Lowe's soon. Don't forget that you can order them online. You can also go online to see which Lowe's in your area have them in stock. If you definitely know that you want a particular set or light, you can order it for pick up, then go into the store and check out the entire collection (if they have them). I've tested the items I purchased and ran them for an evening and they will work great with my holiday decorations. A little Disney holiday magic is always a good thing. 

Happy Holidays!