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Music Monday: Into the Open Air (Brave)

Last week I was listening to my daughter practice one of her songs for her weekly vocal lessons. It was very pretty and I asked her what it was. She told me it was a Disney song. It is called "Into the Open Air" from the movie Brave

She had to tell me about where the song was in the movie since I just couldn't remember it. You hear it during a scene that features the main character, Merida and her mother, Elinor when they are out on their own in the woods. The song reflects the change in their mother-daughter relationship. 

When family relationships have to evolve due to circumstances, the love towards a parent remain the center of how one responds to that change. The opposite is true, too; a parent's love for their child dictate the responses to any changes in the relationship. There is dependence on each other yet an interdependent relationship can happen, too. In any relationship, we all take on different roles depending on the situation. Parents usually take on that caregiver role with their child but sometimes, the child takes on caring for the parent due to circumstances. It takes courage and compassion to take the next steps in any relationship. 

I love the styling of the song that fits with the movie. The song is sung by Julie Fowlis who is a Scottish folksinger. Into the Open Air was written by Alex Mandel (music and lyrics). 

As a mother of two girls, the movie really speaks to me in regards to the mother-daughter relationship. My daughters are in the young adult phases and it's definitely been a learning process. I am a big believer in "let go, let grow" but growing pains can be intense. My heart bursts with love and pride as I witness my two girls evolve into two courageous, confident and compassionate women ready to claim their fate.

Go watch BRAVE sometime this week. The family story will warm your heart. 

Happy Music Monday!