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My Disney Books: Lovely: Ladies of Animation

I am going to start a new series today. I have a built up a collection of Disney related books. I have them for a variety of reasons that include learning about Disneyland history, Disney art, and just having some beautiful Disney hard copy books. I am going to call this new series, "MY DISNEY BOOKS," so I can share from my personal book collection.

Back in December last year, I was able to get to a book signing at Disneyland. I had been eyeing this book, Lovely: Ladies of Animation, and to have all the contributors there to sign a book was worth my trip.

The book's history is kind of interesting. It actually started off as a Kickstarter campaign in October 2013 (it had some really great pledge gifts). The ladies in this book are all talented artists with different styles. They have all contributed to Disney animation in some way. The book has a chapter featuring for each artist. Each artist shares some of her work as it relates to a word that may have inspired a particular art piece or gives insight behind some of the art work, 

 Page featuring Brittney Lee

Page featuring Brittney Lee

 Page featuring Lorelay Bove

Page featuring Lorelay Bove

It's really a lovely book by some very lovely ladies of animation. You're probably seen some of their work in all kinds of Disney animation so now stop to appreciate the hands that created them. I like that the book gives a little insight into their personality through their art. It page-filled with beautiful drawings and paintings. 

It was fun to meet each of the artists and ask them a question or two. It's always interesting to hear what mediums they prefer to work with and how much they do with a computer vs. hand drawing. They were kind enough to personalize my copy. It's kinda of a fun page to turn to.

 My personalized copy

My personalized copy

There is a Foreward by John Lasseter and Introduction by Glen Keane. In the back of the book, there is a short bio and contact info of each artist.

If you are looking for a book to add to your collection, a gift for a Disney fan, or to learn about some talented artists and view their work, pick up a copy of Lovely: Ladies of Animation by Design Studio Press

Happy reading!