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Disneyland explored.

Music Monday: Disney Music Emporium

The beginning of the year is a great way take inventory of your Disney Music library. One place to peruse if the Disney Music Emporium (DME). According to its website, "Disney Music Emporium is THE online destination for all things collectible and limited edition from the legendary Disney Music catalog."

They have some great collectibles and collections. You can also get Disney vinyl here. They have some special offers with particular CDs. Disney, Marvel and Star Wars music is available at the DME. One of my favorite things about the site is that you can view and purchase from the Legacy Collection. The artwork (by Disney artist Lorelay Bove) for the various titles within the Legacy Collection can also be purchased separately. 

 Additional CD art by Lorelay Bove

Additional CD art by Lorelay Bove

Add some new and classic Disney music to your catalog. Check out the Disney Music Emporium.

Happy Music Monday!