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Friday Find: Disney Blank Greeting Cards (Disney Gallery)

I love all kinds of stationary, especially cards. I am a little sad to see that cards aren't such a big deal anymore with the rise of email. I think kids don't even learn how to write letters or a little note anymore either. It's up to us to teach them and a good place to start is finding a great card to send a thank you note to someone. Gratitude is a good thing. 

Anyways, I digress. All this card writing made me think of this box of Disney cards that I have been hoarding. You have be Disney card worthy to get one of these from me. It's the perfect card to send to my Disney friends. 

Back in the 1990s, The Disney Store at the Main Place mall (Santa Ana) used to house a section in their store that was referred to as "The Disney Gallery," There were high-end, collectible, and "gallery-worthy Disney products available. One of the items they used to carry is an assortment of Disney themed blank cards. I would usually buy two boxes and load up when they went on sale. That is why I still have some. They were blank on the inside so they were the perfect card to write a note to one of my Cast Members or fellow Disney colleagues back when I was still working at Disneyland. 

I usually saved one of each card so I have a little album with all the different stationary cards that I bought during this time period. They are all great Disney art. 

 Stationary/Card boxes 

Stationary/Card boxes

Here is a really classy yet simple card featuring Tinkerbell. I used to give this particular card to any of my Cast Members who received a Guest Compliment or some recognition of a milestone like years of service.

Probably one of my favorite cards is this set that features all the different Disney characters in a Broadway setting. Remember this is back in the early or mid-1990s. It's way before Disney began to make a big presence on the Great White Way.

This next one of my last cards with this particular design. So fun to see the Disney characters heading for their own vacation. I really need to frame this card and hang it next to a couple of my Hawaiian themed Disney prints.

Happy Friday!