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Music Monday: The Whimsy Works by Richard Sherman

Today, October 16, marks the anniversary of the Walt Disney Studio. It's the day recognized when the Disney Brothers (Walt and Roy) opened up their Los Angeles studio on Kingswell Ave in 1923. After the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, they would move their studio to Burbank where it grew and still stands today. 

Disney Legend, Richard Sherman, wrote a song called "The Whimsy Works" that is about Walt and what is was like working on the Walt Disney Studio lot. It was actually written for a 2016 show called "L.A. Now and Then - A Musical Review." If you watch this D23 video at 2:37, you can watch Sherman talk about this particular song and hear him play it on the actual piano in Walt Disney's office. 

Here is a the actual song number from the musical review. It's kind of fun to hear this original and new-ish song from Sherman after all the years that have passed when he used to write for Walt Disney.

Coincidently, my youngest daughter was able to attend a special lecture class at her high school last week where Sherman spoke to the students about song composition and his long career. My daughter said he shared many Disney stories, too. Sherman did talk about "The Whimsy Works" and he closed their session with a rendition of "it's a small world." You can read about Sherman's visit to my daughter's high school in this article

Happy Music Monday!