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Shop Disney: I Am Excited About These 2 New Disney Books

I was perusing Amazon for some Disney books and came upon these two new Disney books that are due to be released this year. These are both being published by Disney Editions

The first book I am excited about is A Kiss Goodnight.  I see that Disney Legends Richard Sherman and Floyd Norman have author credit. Sherman wrote the song and I am happy to see that Norman has illustrator credit for this book. What a great combination. The bonus is that there is a CD with a recording of the song by Ashley Brown. Brown originated the role of the Broadway production of Mary Poppins and she sang this song at Disneyland's 60th Diamond Anniversary event and fireworks show. The song was never released on any platform, Disney album or compilation so I am very happy to get this song on a CD. 

Not only is the title of the book, A Kiss Goodnight, but the actual song has the same name. There is a direct Walt Disney connection to this phrase, "A Kiss Goodnight" that you can read about in one of my earlier post HERE

 Release date: Aug 22, 2017

Release date: Aug 22, 2017

The next book that is on my Disney book list is Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney's Animation by Mindy Johnson. Johnson was one of the contributing writers to Marc Davis: Walt Disney's Renaissance Man. The topic is one of great interest to me. I always hear talk about the INK & PAINT department during the Walt Disney Studios golden years. It will be a great read to learn about women who were a big part of making classic movies like Bambi, Pinocchio, and Sleeping Beauty. The women of Ink & Paint remind me about some "hidden figures" in Disney animated history. 

 Release date: Sept 5, 2017

Release date: Sept 5, 2017

I love most things Disney but have a particular interest in Disney things associated with Disneyland, the Walt Disney Studios and overall Disney heritage or history. So these two books are definitely on my list. Disney books are one of those types of books that I enjoy in hardback copy. They are always filled with great photos and art.

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