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Music Monday: New songs for Beauty & The Beast LIVE Action

I think Beauty and the Beast has been in many stages of my life since it came out in 1991. I saw it in the movie theater opening weekend with boyfriend, now husband, MacSparky. The movie became a big hit and I remember hearing the pop version of "Be Our Guest" being played on all the radio stations. When I had kids, they first watched it on VHS format. We went to see the Broadway production when the tour stopped in Southern California. When the DVD format came out, we bought that, too, and watched all the extras. Last summer, my youngest was part of the ensemble in a local musical production of Beauty and the Beast. 

I taught my kids all the songs from the animated movie. We learned the Broadway songs together. Now, we have 4 new songs to enjoy from the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. 

I think it is fun to see Alan Menken write new songs for the same story that he has been writing for since probably the 1980s when he first started writing music for Beauty and the Beast.  For the animated movie, Menken wrote with Howard Ashman. When the musical was being produced, he collaborated with Tim Rice. Now 26 years later, Menken and Rice are back with new songs for the Live Action version. 

The movie soundtrack was released last week so you can now go hear the following new songs:

  • "Aria" - sung by Madame De Garderobe (wardrobe)
  • "How Does a Moment Last Forever" - sung by Papa. Reprise by Belle
  • "Days in the Sun" - sung by Cast
  • "Evermore" - sung by The Beast

The soundtrack also includes demo versions by Menken and a new pop version of "Beauty & the Beast" sung by Ariana Grande and John Legend. There is also a great version of "Evermore" sung by Josh Groban and "How Does a Moment Last Forever" sung by Celine Dion. These are both EPIC. It is really great to see Dion invited back and continue to be part of the Beauty and the Beast family with this new song. 

I loved the songs from the animated classic. I have learned all the Broadway songs after my daughter became part of a musical version of Beauty and the Beast.  I am enjoying the new songs from this upcoming version and I can't wait to see the movie.

Beauty and the Beast is a constant in my life and I am totally okay with that.  It's been the music in my life since it first came out in 1991. 

Happy Music Monday!