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Disney Book Review: Belle's Library

I bought this book, Belle's Library, for my daughter for Valentine's Day. Beauty and the Beast holds a special place in her heart as it is one of the first productions that she was a part of at our local theater (SCR).  She enjoyed her experience as part of this particular production due to her fellow cast mates and the material. So, I thought she would enjoy this newly released book.

I borrowed it the other week and was thrilled to find out what a treasure it is. The foreword is written by Linda Woolverton who wrote the original script to the animated movie. She has continued to write for a number of Disney movies including the live action Alice in Wonderland and Maleficient. I really enjoyed reading Woolverton's foreward to read some "behind the story" -story of Beauty and the Beast. You really need to read it and you'll appreciate Beauty and the Beast so much more. 

What got me excited was to learn about the contents of this book, Belle's Library, are stories that Belle herself would have read. They are excerpts from books that would be in Belle's library. For example, there are passages from The Odyssey, Don Quixote, and Aesop's Fables. Accompanying every excerpt are "thoughts" from Belle. As you read the book, the opposite page includes Belle's journaling/thoughts about the passage you just read. 

As a bonus, the artwork in this book is so pretty and compliments the contents of the book. The drawings are simple and has a watercolor look. There are also some blank pages in the back so you also have a journal or draw about the musings you jstu read. 

It is really a good read. It's like stepping into Belle's library with her and having her tell you her favorite stories and authors. It would be a great gift for Mother's Day and a very thoughtful graduation gift or birthday gift.

Belle's Library is written by Brittany Rubiano and art by Jenna Huerta. It is published by Disney Press. It is available through many online and box store retailers. You'll want one for yourself, especially if you love Beauty and the Beast

Happy Reading!