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Disney Event: Disney Parks Blog Main Street Electrical Parade Meet-up

The other night, my daughter and I had an opportunity to attend a special event hosted by Disney Park Blog. It was billed as "Disney Parks Blog Main Street Electrical Parade Meet-Up." It was a very intimate and small event for Disneyland fans. The highlights included a chance to hear a panel of Cast Members who were responsible for bringing back the parade to Disneyland and getting a chance to see it.

First, I should mention that you you had to register for this event. Disney Parks announced the event and registration last week via their Facebook page and Twitter. I just happened to receive the notification and looked at it right away so I immediately clicked through and was lucky to have gotten in. (Hint: turn on all your notifications for these accounts so you don't miss posts like this. Then you have to act very fast.)

The event started at 6 but I just couldn't get there in time due to my schedule. We arrived around 7-ish and looked for the signs to check-in for the event. We received tickets to enter the park and some the itinerary for the night.

We were directed to another table and were given a Disney Parks Blog t-shirt and some Main Street Electrical Parade swag. It was a really fun surprise and very special gift bag.

Then we were escorted through Main Entrance by a couple Cast Members who helped us make our way to the Fantasyland Theater. Because we were late, we missed the reception and some photo ops. You can go to this Disney Parks Blog post to some of the things we missed. They let us quickly grab some dessert offerings and led us into the theater so we can hear the panel that was already in progress. 

 Photo from Disney Parks Blog

Photo from Disney Parks Blog

The panel was hosted by Disney Parks Blog (Erin Glover) and consisted of the following Disneyland Cast Members: Robyn Vossen, General Manager, Disneyland Entertainment Operations; John Addis, Show Director, Disneyland Creative Entertainment; and Bruce Healey, Principal Music Producer, Disneyland Creative Entertainment.

I kind of wished the panel discussion was after the parade and a little longer. I would have liked to heard some more behind the magic stories from each panelists. They briefly covered the history of the parade. There are more lights on each float than ever before. They agreed that since the patriotic float at the end is the largest, that it probably has the most lights. No one has ever documented exactly how many lights each float has. As technology evolves, the light bulbs change in number or configuration, too. 

There was a brief conversation about its iconic music. Its origins can be traced to Baroque Hoedown that you can read HERE. It starts the parade music and looped in front of the music of the themed segments of the parade. Each of the floats has its own music arranged in counterpoint with the Baroque Hoedown riff. This method became the template as to how Disney now creates music for all their parades. 

The one thing they did point out was that when the Electrical Parade was at different parks, the big drum in the beginning of the parade said "Disney's Electrical Parade". So with the parade back at its home, they did change it out to read as it originally read to "Main Street Electrical Parade."

After the panel has concluded, they raffled off some really wonderful Disneyland art. Then it was off to see the parade. 

It was a very intimate affair with no more than 200 Disney Parks Blog readers who were lucky enough to get registered. I appreciated all the Cast Members who made it a fun event. We are appreciative of the treats that we received. My daughter and I had a great evening!

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