Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

Friday Find: Mickey Street Art at Disney's Animal Kingdom

I am currently visiting Walt Disney World this weekend and today I was at Disney's Animal Kingdom (DAK). I had some time to just wander through all the nooks and crannies of this park. One of my favorite things to do is to look at all the signs, posters, and art that is at every land. This includes looking at the decor and style of the restaurants, shops, and buildings of a particular land. There is so much detail at DAK.

I loved these two things that I spotted in the buildings located within the Harambe Market Place in the Africa section of DAK. All the walls have signs, posters, graffiti-like words/phrases to make it look like an authentic market place. Looking at the details of what the things on the walls say is always an interesting way to pass time and appreciate these minor touches.

Here are two Mickey Mouse related wall art that I saw in the Harambe Market Place area. 

 Located in exterior wall. 

Located in exterior wall. 

 Located on an interior wall.

Located on an interior wall.

I will write up a couple more things about my Walt Disney World trip soon. 

Happy Friday!