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Friday Find: Disney Afternoon Map/Poster (Disneyland)

In 1990, Disney Afternoon debuted on Disney syndicated channels. It was a two-hour block of Disney animated shows like Duck Tales and Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers. There were even new Disney characters that debuted like Gummi Bears and Darkwing Duck.

Disney Afternoon was a hit and in the summer of 1991, Disneyland temporarily transformed the "it's a small world" mall area to Disney Afternoon Avenue. This is the area near the Matterhorn up to Small World. At this point, Toontown was not around yet.

I think these maps were an insert included in the Disneyland Park map. 

 Image of folded map.

Image of folded map.

The following is an image of the Disney Afternoon map when open. There were blank spots fo you could get a stamp when you found the characters.  It is fun to see some of the Disney Afternoon characters but it's even more fun to the Motor Boat Cruise on the map. This now retired attraction was transformed into Motor Boat to Gummi Glen in a nod to the Gummi Bears. It was an interactive map to discover new characters.

 Image of map when open.

Image of map when open.

Of course it wasn't just a map, but also marketing poster to help you remember to watch Disney Afternoon. There were actually costumed characters that you can visit with and get a photo with at Disney Afternoon Avenue. 

 Image of opposite side of map to depict Disney Afternoon poster. 

Image of opposite side of map to depict Disney Afternoon poster. 

If you are a child of the 1990s, Disney Afternoon was something that probably that you watched. If you are a fan of Disney Afternoon, then you'll be happy to know that a major reboot of Duck Tales is coming soon...woo-hoo!

I don't remember too much about Disney Afternoon Avenue. In summer of 1991, I worked on Main Street as a Merchandise Host so I rarely went up towards Fantasyland since there was no reason to. You also never went anywhere in costume if you didn't belong in that area. I have friends who worked as Disney Afternoon characters and they had some good times. 

Happy Friday!