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Disneyland explored.

Friday Find: Disney Cookbooks (c. 1990 & 2004)

I was looking for a particular recipe for a weekend dish and came upon these two Disney cookbooks.

Both cookbooks feature signature and most asked for recipes from Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The red spiral book titled "Cooking with Mickey Around Our World" is a book that was available at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World in the 1990s. The way that it is organized reminds of those old school cookbooks that you would buy at church fundraisers or find in you mom or grandmother's cookbook collections. There are no photos of the dishes.

The artwork under each tab is so fun. Very 1980s early 1990s Mickey Mouse look. Here are several examples.

My favorite things about this book is seeing restaurants that are no longer around due to all the changes and growth in the Disney Parks. It's equally fun to see how long some resturant favorites have been around.

The more recent of my Disney cookbook has a 2004 publish date on it. This one is titled "Cooking with Mickey and the Disney Chefs". It includes recipes from the DIsney California Adventure, DIsney Animal Kingdom and Disney Cruise Line. However, there are also no photos of the dishes in this book.

There have been several more current editions since 2004. You can find find them at the Disney Parks, Amazon or other book sellers. With the popularity of cooking, rise of celebrity chefs, and food blogs, there are now a lot of Disney official and unofficial cookbooks out there. There are specific ones, too, that focus on Disney desserts, Disney copycat recipes and more. 

 Page from "Cooking with Mickey Around the World" book (red spiral).

Page from "Cooking with Mickey Around the World" book (red spiral).

Happy Eats!