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Disneyland explored.

Music Monday: Disney Songs Sung in Hawaiian (New Aulani Music)


I was really excited about the latest DISNEY PARKS BLOG post. They shared that a new CD from the Disney Aulani is now available. Titled "Mele from Aunty’s Beach House Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa," it features some classic Disney songs in Hawaiian style. Besides being played at Aunty's Beach House, the music can also be heard in the elevators and through different areas of the Aulani resort.  It is different than the songs that you hear in the main lobby (Maka'ala).

The CD is available on iTunes. All the titles are in Hawaiian so it's kind of fun to listen to each song and discover what it is. My favorite is “Ke Noi Aku I Kahi Hōkū” with "Pēlā Nō E ʻIke Ai" a close second. All songs are also available as a single purchase.

My kids are really good at being like parrots so they can sing it back the way they hear the songs. The Hawaiian language only has 8 consonants and 5 vowels. You are suppose to pronounce every letter/vowel. 

 Castle figure inside THe Ōlelo Room

Castle figure inside THe Ōlelo Room

Add the “Mele from Aunty’s Beach House” to your Disney playlist or to your luau playlist. It's really a treat for any Disney fan.