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Music Monday: You're Welcome (Moana)

I am on vacation in Hawaii and it made me think of Disney's Moana. One of the most fun songs from the movie is the song that the character, Maui, sings called "You're Welcome". Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the song really captures Maui's character and how he sees himself as the demi-god that provides for his people. The musical number in the movie is very upbeat and lively.

When I heard that there was a cover and video featuring Miranda himself and pop-star Jordan Fisher, I was immediately intrigued. To my delight, their duet takes on a very different tone and style of "You're Welcome". I really love the way the video was filmed. I confess, I am a huge Miranda fan due to my obsession with Hamilton, The Musical. I actually saw Fisher in Hamilton on Broadway back in January. So the following video was something I really enjoyed for a variety of reasons. 

Happy Music Monday! 

and...You're Welcome!


 View of Disney's Aulani (2017)

View of Disney's Aulani (2017)