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Disneyland explored.

What to pack for D23 Expo 2017

The time is has come. The D23 Expo has arrived and I am getting ready for so much Disney! Here are my thoughts about how and what to pack plus some things that I carry around. The main thing is to pack for yourself in regards to knowing what you will need to make it through the day and also what would be comfortable to carry around. 

Think like you are packing for a day trip to Disneyland or any other type of outing. Or have you ever been to a trade show, conference or any other type of expo? Think about the things that you might pick up from different vendors, booths, or Disney friends. Also consider what would be most comfortable for you to lug around all day. 

Here are some of my things that I am packing. 

My credentials (ticket) and lanyard. Can't forget my D23 card or any other membership cards.

I usually pack a little notebook to write stuff down in, pens, and sharpies. I also bring a file folder or something that I can put paper items that I don't want smashed or wrinkled. I bring a little plastic zipbag to put small items that vendors/booths might give away or for those little things that I might pick up.

Gotta keep hyrdated and charged. Here is my water bottle...I love my S'well bottle. Keeps water super cold all day. I also have my portable charger (by Anker) for my device. There is word going around to bring you light up magic item so I am packing my paint brush.

I pack some snacks because you'll get hungry and sometimes, you don't have time to sit and eat. I also have some toiletries that I like to bring in my personal bag. My favorite is this little mister bottle so I can give a little mist to feel refreshed. Don't forget some mints or gum. I picked up some fun pins to trade with some Disney friends. There is always some sort of pin trading going on.

Don't forget to pack business cards so you can stay in contact with people you meet. These are fun ones that I had ordered from Moo Prints. I was able to use my personal photos to be the front of the card. 

Sending pixie dust filled wishes your way!