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Disneyland explored.

Friday Find: Disneyland Store Business Cards

When I worked (Main Street Merch) at Disneyland back in the early 1990's, all the stores had business cards available to give to Guests. I remember giving them out when someone was interested in a particular size, style or merchandise item.

Remember, this was before the internet was a thing. Many of the stores at Disneyland had some very specific items and very different merchandise than today. For example, the China Closet sold LladrĂ³ and Snowbabies collectibles.

This last business card is really fun. By the time Marian was my supervisor, she had been there awhile. I think she had started in the early 1970s and worked her way up. I think this particular business card was one of her older cards as proof of the colors and castle design. The blue and gold remind of "it's a small world."

It's always fun to look through Disneyland business ephemera. I love looking through the design and logo changes. 

Happy Friday!