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Music Monday: Incredibles 2 Theme Music

My family is getting pretty excited about Incredibles 2 that is coming out in June. The music in the first movie was composed by Oscar winner Michael Giacchino and he's back with more. Over the weekend, Giacchino teased his Instagram followers with some teaser footage from the studio recording of Incredibles 2. 

One of my favorite posts was this behind the scene clip. Turns out that Don Williams is brother to another Oscar winning composer with the same last name.

The Incredibles theme song is so iconic and instantly recognizable. It gives you that sense of excitement and suspense. My husband, MacSparky, describes it the Incredibles music as a nod to the 1960s TV shows with that Peter Gunn style. If you haven't listened to the original Incredibles soundtrack, download it. You'll enjoy it and it will get you excited to hear what Giacchino will bring to Incredibles 2. 

Happy Music Monday!